EWS Ep #15: Building a Blog and a Business through Story

My guest today is the inimitable, fast-talking, switched-on, well-connected, warm-hearted Canadian, Angela Henderson. She’s the owner of Finlee & Me – an online baby products store & hugely subscribed blog. More recently she’s busy helping other business owners nail their goals through Angela Henderson Consulting.

Angela is an author, entrepreneur, business consultant, speaker, blogger, mental health clinician of 15+ years, and mother to her two kids.

We discuss storytelling in today’s online world and how Angela started weaving in past experience and life experiences through storytelling to build relationships.



In this episode

  • Opportunities come from telling authentic stories from the heart (with no strategy)
  • Building face-to-face relationships through Skype video, Expos, Networking, Facebook Live etc
  • The importance of building an engaged community when people are finding “disconnection” in social media
  • 3 tips on starting to build an engaged community
  • Ways to “go the extra mile” if you’re selling physical products
  • Why businesses’ struggle to communicate authentically
  • How to build your community finding the “right people”.

Links in this Episode

Angela Henderson Consulting website

Finlee & Me website

Australian Business Collaborative Facebook Group