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In this episode of the podcast, we will talk about the power of video and video strategy in building a personal brand around your business with my guest, Rich Cardona.

Rich Cardona is a first generation American and retired Marine Corps attack helicopter pilot. After getting a Masters in Business Administration out of fear he wouldn’t be marketable, he ventured into the traditional workplace and landed a job with retail conglomerate, Amazon. While he admits the company is the tip of the spear, his experience in fulfillment was unfulfilling.

He quit, moved into his in-laws basement and searched for which of curiosities could potentially lead to a business of his own. After spending time with and documenting Claude Silver, Vayner Media’s Chief Heart Officer, he realized that there was a need for executives like her to become more visible.

Rich Cardona Media was born. Rich’s team helps executives and entrepreneurs become more visible by using video to create long term content and social media consulting. 

Rich has worked with:

  • numerous Senators and Congressmen
  • non profit organizations like Bunker Labs and Warrior Rising
  • Large organizations like Sonic Healthcare, VaynerMedia, the Minnesota Vikings, and more

In this episode we cover:

  • A short background on Rich Cardona and what he does.
  • Why video is so important for business today.
  • The importance of personal brand in business today.
  • What role does video play in this idea.
  • Tips to help people take the right action with video for their brand.
  • Case studies
  • What’s next for video.

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