Celebrating 200 Episodes with YOU!

  Become a Patron   This is episode 200 of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast and it’s all about celebrating 200 episodes with you!  In this episode we cover: A reflection on some

Mastering Measurement Marketing with Mercer

  Become a Patron   How are you dealing with the data available around your video strategy? Is it a case of every now and then just opening your analytics trunk, poke

The Pivot to Strategy with Joshua King

  Become a Patron As video producers I think it’s so important for us to realise that our clients don’t actually want a video. What they really want is the results

Death to the Corporate Video with Guy Bauer

  Become a Patron In this episode we’re going to be talking about corporate videos and the stigma wrapped around it. Are you really resigned to the idea that your videos

3 Videos Your Business Needs

When you're creating a video marketing strategy for a business, the end goal is sales right? So why not make every video about selling? When we consider that people make