Let’s cut to the chase. If your business isn’t using video marketing, then you’ve got to keep reading because you are leaving money on the table. In this article, I’m going to be sharing with you five super compelling reasons why your business needs to start video marketing right now.

So are you using video marketing for your business? If you answered “no” to that question, then this article is for you because I’m going to break down for you some of the main reasons why you need to pick considering video marketing for your business in 2020 and beyond.

#1 Video is everywhere.

I’m sure you recognise that every social media platform is a video platform. The recent stat from WYZOWL are reported that 92% of marketers say that video is an important part of their marketing strategy. Let’s add to this, a Zenith report that estimated that by 2021 on average, people will be watching 100 minutes of online video content each and every day.

It’s no surprise that attention is on video. So where is that attention being diverted to your business, using the power of video marketing? The impact that the pandemic had across the world throughout 2020 has meant that there’s been a massive adoption of all sorts of video tools in all sorts of ways of communication online. When we recognise a good marketing needs to be where the attention of your audience is, then it’s no surprise that attention is on video.

#2 Video commands attention

The nature of video, the way that it communicates and engages with the human brain is different to written word and audio and images. It’s that powerful one, two punch that allows the rational transfer of information along with the emotion that comes with the human connection that video provides. The other critical part to this is that the algorithms love video. So if you want your video to be paid attention to, then you need the algorithms to be playing along nicely as well. The awesome thing is that even now leading into 2022, algorithms across all of the social platforms are paying increasing attention to video.

The key algorithm signals watch time, time on site, engagement – all of these things are impacted positively through video content.

#3 People buy from people

What’s the ultimate goal of your video marketing? Yep. It’s increasing conversion and sales. You actually want to sell more product. You want to sell more of what you do. So, when we recognise that in business, people buy from people, whether it’s B to B or B to C, it’s always P to P people buying from people and video is that powerful way of allowing your people or you to shine through for the people that are going to buy from you. Let’s not ignore the fact that video is a very powerful form of communicating to people, to remove confusion, to break down barriers, to allow people to get the answers that they need that moves them closer towards making that decision to buy from your business in the most effective way that we have in our toolkits today.

#4 Bring high touch back to high-tech

Video is a super powerful way of bringing the high touch back to our high-tech world. You see, the fact is that people don’t want to be sold to. In fact, a study from a couple of years ago said that 68% of people don’t want to speak to a sales person until they’ve made the decision to buy it. So what does that mean for the way that you’re currently marketing and selling your products or services in your business today? When we recognise that people don’t want to talk to a salesperson, we also need to recognise that people still want to buy. Video is a powerful way of humanising that sales process that makes people more willing to engage in that sales conversation with you or your business. When we think about the world pre-internet, the pre-digital age, we were living then in a very much low-tech high touch world.

If you want it to do business, if you wanted to buy something, you’d go out and speak to the shopkeeper high touch. It was a very low-tech interactions, but as we’ve moved into a more digital world where most of what we do is done online or through digital communications, we’re now very much in what seems like a low touch high-tech world. This is where video marketing really shines – it’s the ability to bring the high touch back to the high-tech world, humanise that connection and move people more effectively through to the sale

#5 Video is the richest form of content

Video is one of the richest forms of content to invest time in creating. You see, simply through the act of creating a valuable piece of video content, your brand, your business has the ability to repurpose that content into a multitude of other forms of content marketing, to expand exponentially the potential reach of your content with your target market. By investing time into a single piece of high value video content, you’re able to repurpose it into articles, into blogs, into white papers, into PDFs, and downloadables into audio podcasts into short snippets for social media, build it into playlist, curate video content into an online course or an e-learning opportunity.

The goal here is to lead with value when it comes to your marketing and video is the best way to do that. So if those five reasons aren’t enough to convince you to start video marketing right now, then you might as well go off and watch another cat video on YouTube.