When it comes to sending video for sales, prospecting, customer service or even internal comms in your business getting your message delivered and actually opened, or clicked can be the hardest part.

So, what if there was a way to get a 98% open rate when sending a video? Let me tell you how. 

Psst… it’s not by email.

Okay, so hands up if your email inbox is a crowded mess.

Yeah, we’re not alone. And when we’re trying to reach someone with an important message, whether it be for sales follow up, prospecting, client engagement or internal communications we really need our messages to cut through the noise of the inbox, and actually get viewed right.

This is where the power of personalised 1 to 1 or asynchronous video messaging really shines.

Wait. What? Back up…. A synchro what?

Asynchronous video messaging. Or using video to simply communicate something 1 to 1 that you would otherwise use text for. So instead of sending an email to your prospect saying the usual.

“Hi Jane. I hope you’re well. Just following up on my earlier email with the proposal. Let me know if you have any questions…..”

Click send and hoping, waiting for a reply.

What if you could send Jane a video, that was almost guaranteed to be opened, and you knew exactly when she watched it, and for how long she watched it. That, my friend is powerful.

Let me show you how.

My favourite tool for this… is the free Vidyard plugin available for Chrome, Gmail, Outlook and on your smartphone. 

Once you get this app installed, you’ll be able to quickly and easily record a video and then send it directly through email, or in a direct message on social, or my favourite… straight to Jane’s phone via text message.

It’s as easy as this.

Open the tool either in your browser, or directly when composing a new email, or straight from the phone app. Ensure the right camera and microphone is enabled. On the browser version you can add speaking notes if you wish. Check your setup and make sure you’re looking good.

Then simply hit record.


Easy, friendly and personal.

Vidyard will then immediately upload your video to your library, you can title the video, select a motion thumbnail to really grab attention, and then copy the link and thumbnail right here.

Now, simply paste this into your email, messenger or direct message, and viola!

Once your message is opened and viewed on the other end you’ll also get a nifty notification telling you exactly how long the video was viewed for so you know how engaged Jane really is, and can respond from there.

Now… I did mention that elusive 98% open rate… and for that… you’ll be wanting to send your vidyard video via text message.  As you may know, the stats for open rates on texts is through the roof.

Using the free vidyard phone app, you can either record a video right there on your smartphone or grab a video directly from your vidyard library and with a few taps you can compose a video text message and send it on it’s way.

So, next time you need your message to be seen… and heard. Forget the regular old email approach, and consider 1:1 video messaging using a tool such as Vidyard.

Super simple, and highly effective.