Unless you’ve been living under a rock here at the start of 2021, the new audio only social conversations app Clubhouse seems to be taking the marketing world by storm. So in this article, I’m going to be sharing with you my thoughts on potentially how you can use Clubhouse to leverage in a video marketing strategy.

Back in mid December 2020, I first heard about this new thing called Clubhouse. Now, if you haven’t heard of Clubhouse yet, Clubhouse is a social media app for iPhone only at this stage or iOS only, and you have to be invited at this stage. So it’s a closed app, which you need an invitation to. I managed to score an invitation and jumped in to find out more about what this app was all about. Now, Clubhouse is an audio only social media conversations app, which effectively means that what you do is you go into a room, they call them rooms. And it’s kind of like being at a conference or a live event where in the room, there are certain people on stage talking about a certain topic. So you enter a room with a topic that you’re interested in, or with people that you’re interested in hearing from. Now, you can enter a room as a listener only, which is kind of like you’re in the audience so you’re not able to participate, but you can enjoy the conversation that’s happening on stage. Or you can actually be invited up onto the stage to unmute yourself and speak and be part of the conversation.

Over the last couple of months of being on Clubhouse, I’ve been thinking about the role that apps like Clubhouse might have in video marketing. Clearly as an audio only app, it’s not a video marketing tool however, it can have value in a video marketing strategy. And that’s what I want to share with you today – my thoughts on the role of Clubhouse in a video marketing strategy.

#1 Use Clubhouse as a resource to learn and grown in your area of interest.

First of all, I think the power of Clubhouse is using it as a tool to learn and grow in areas that you find interesting. So, depending on your niche, depending on your topic of interest, depending on your brand, seek out and find rooms and follow people who are speaking on these topics and use it as an opportunity to both learn and grow, whether it be as a video marketer or whether it be as, as a business owner, whatever it is that you do. So that’s number one, probably the most powerful aspect of Clubhouse that I’ve found so far is just using it as a tool to learn and grow.

#2 Cross-pollinate audiences between your video audience and Clubhouse followers.

Number two is thinking about using Clubhouse as a form of cross-pollination between your content. You can use your video audience from your video marketing strategy and send them to Clubhouse to invite them, to follow you on Clubhouse or to join your club on Clubhouse. You can build your Clubhouse followers off the back of your video marketing strategy and vice versa as well. As you build a following and you have conversations in Clubhouse, use that as a natural opportunity to invite people to your video content. You can build your video followers or your video audience of the back of your Clubhouse engagements and conversations that you’re having there. A tip here is I highly recommend to share any mention of your video strategy or your video content very naturally and authentically in clubhouse. Don’t use it as an opportunity to pitch or to just push people towards your YouTube channel or your content strategy. Instead, look for opportunities where your video content that you have can add value to the conversations that you’re having in Clubhouse. Naturally, invite someone to watch a video that you’ve recently published, for example, about the topics that you’re talking about in a particular Clubhouse room.

#3 Use Clubhouse rooms for your video strategy research and development.

The third aspect that I see Clubhouse being really valuable in a video marketing strategy is for research and development. Use it as an opportunity to actually get into rooms or engage in conversations that are relevant to your niche area of interest or your topic. By finding and engaging in relevant rooms and conversations, you’re able to hear other people’s perspectives on things that you maybe talk about in your video content, or maybe you’ll be introduced to new ideas that you haven’t come across before, or if you’re leading a conversation or taking part in a conversation, you can open up new ideas and conversations, which may prompt new future video content ideas for you.

Now, a ninja tip here is when you’re looking at Clubhouse and thinking about what rooms or conversations to engage in, I’d recommend actually thinking about your ideal target audience for your video strategy and thinking about what other things they might find relevant and interesting. Go into those rooms and engage with those people because those people are your ideal target audience. They may not be directly talking about your niche area of interest or your topic that you typically talk about in your video strategy, but by engaging with those audiences naturally in those conversations that they’re having, otherwise you can develop a deeper understanding of your target audience and think about new ways to show up for them with value through your video content strategy.

#4 Use Clubhouse to build a community around you.

And finally, when it comes to Clubhouse, I feel it’s all about building community around you as a content creator. In a video marketing strategy, if you can build an audience of your videos that feel like they’re part of a community that is marketing gold. If you can tie in your video strategy with your Clubhouse community and really seek to use Clubhouse to begin to build and lead a community of your ideal audience, people who you want to show up and serve, then I think that that’s a real sweet spot for Clubhouse as well.

I’d love to hear from you. How are you planning on using Clubhouse and what are your thoughts on the app so far?