Guess what?! You, and I we don’t simply wake up one morning and decide to buy something. No. Whether we recognise it or not theres a journey we’ve gone on the make that purchase decision and it starts in the brain. In fact, in the subconscious part of our brain.

Keep reading as I dive into the psychology of marketing further and in particular how this idea can make you a better video marketer.

In marketing, our goal is to move someone closer towards a conversion right? It’s not about coercion, force or trickery, but rather engaging the target audience in the right way to move them towards making the decision to buy themselves. And for that, we need to better understand why people buy.

Let’s dive into this idea deeper in this extract from my presentation from Social Media Marketing World 2020.

So, when you’re planning your video marketing strategy – or any strategic marketing at all really you need to be considering the psychology of your audience and where they are at at any given time in their relationship with you and your business.

So you don’t go around slapping your potential customers in the face.

And now that you’ve got that base of understanding you won’t want to miss the next blog where I’ll be taking this idea one step further and sharing with you where this idea fits into a full VIDEO marketing strategy.