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EWS Ep #4: 5 Tips to Uncover your Brand’s Story

In this, my first solo show for Engage With Story – you’ll be spending the next 20 minutes or so with me as I break down my approach to uncovering a brand’s story in my video strategy agency, Innovate Media.

For all brands whether solo entrepreneurs, small businesses or large corporates, the importance of finding and understanding and then capitalizing on your story is critical to authentic and relatable marketing today. But uncovering a brand’s story is often not as straight forward as you may think. Critically the story needs to be from an authentic place, hinged on the personal and emotional connections that your brand can make with your ideal target market. An effective brand story can’t be ‘manufactured’ or conjured up in the minds of a marketing agency.  I find that often the most powerful brand stories are all ready being lived and experience within a company, we just need to dig a little deeper to uncover them so we can celebrate them.

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In this episode I’ll break down the following top 5 tips to uncover your brand’s story;

  1. Be Clear on Your Why
  2. Ask your Customers
  3. Ask your People
  4. Share Your History
  5. Identify Your Villain

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