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The Power of Showing up on Video with Kate Toon -   Become a Patron   In this episode of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, I am joined by Kate Toon, an award-winning business mentor and digital marketing coach. Together, we'll discuss the fears and uncertainties that often hold businesses back from utilising video marketing. Kate shares her own experiences and the impact video has had on […]
Video Strategist Toolkit Part 7: Production -   Become a Patron   Video production is an essential component of any video strategy, but it is important to guide and advise clients on when and how to use a video production company. The key is to align budgets and production approaches with the overall strategy. This can be achieved by following the inverse production […]
Video Strategist Toolkit Part 6: Metrics -   Become a Patron   Metrics inform video strategy moving forward by providing valuable insights and data that can guide decision-making and optimize the effectiveness of video content. In today's digital age, where video is a powerful tool for communication and marketing, it is crucial for businesses and organizations to have a strong video strategy in […]
Video Strategist Toolkit Part 5: Optimisation -   Become a Patron   Video optimization for audience engagement is a crucial aspect of any successful video strategy. In order to reach the right audience and ensure that they engage with the content, it is important to understand and implement effective optimization techniques. The first step in optimizing video for audience engagement is to have […]
Video Strategist Toolkit Part 4: Distribution -   Become a Patron   Distribution is a crucial element of an effective video strategy. It involves getting the content out on the right platforms in the right way. As a video strategist, it is important to understand the native nuances of different platforms where videos can be distributed, including social media platforms, web platforms, e-commerce […]
Video Strategist Toolkit Part 3: Content -   Become a Patron   In this episode of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, I will discuss the third element of the Video Strategist Toolkit Series, which is Content, and how it fits into the overall video strategy. I will emphasize the importance of understanding the target audience and the goals of the business before creating […]
Video Strategist Toolkit Part 2: Goals -   Become a Patron     Breaking Down Video Strategy Goals: The Heartbeat of Success Hey there, it’s Ben Amos here, back for another deep dive in our Video Strategists Toolkit Series. Today, we’re rolling into the second big element - Goals. If you missed the intro to this series in episode 276, it might be […]
Video Strategist Toolkit Part 1: Audience -   Become a Patron     Diving Deeper into Video Strategy Hey there! It’s Ben from the Engage Video Marketing Podcast. Thanks for dropping by. Today, I wanted to unpack a bit of what I shared in the recent episode – the fine line between video production and video strategy, and why understanding your audience is […]