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To really stand out and differentiate as a video producer I believe that you need to be more for your clients. More than just another video producer, with a snazzy showreel and an ability to tell great stories. More than just delivering videos, but instead, be the guide to set your clients up for success through video, to reposition the value you can provide, and be seen as a trusted advisor for your clients business.

This is the critical difference that becoming a Video Strategist can have for your video business and today I’ve invited Accredited Video Strategist Cassie Daniels to join me on the show to share more of your story.

Cass founded Builds by Captive Media and creates strategic video content and video strategy for the construction industry.

An ex corporate boss of a global top 5 company turned small business owner, passionate about helping construction industry businesses to attract their dream clients and employees through video content.

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Cass and Builds by Captive Media.
  • Why he decided to step away from corporate into the world of small business and video production.
  • What led into his shift in thinking about video strategy.
  • How this shift changed the way clients view him as a video producer.
  • What it looks like for him when working with a client.
  • How he helps the clients shift their perspective of video strategy.
  • How a strategy first approach to video helped him win more clients.
  • What made him want to become an Accredited Video Strategist.
  • How the Accreditation has benefited your business.

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If you found this episode of value I’d love for you to reach out and let me know on Instagram @engage_ben or email

If you found this episode of value I’d love for you to reach out and let me know on Instagram @engage_ben or email

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