Channel Growth Expert and YouTube Strategist Tom Martin of joins us in this episode to talk about fueling and supercharging your YouTube channel in 2019. With over 1.9 billion subscribers and over a billion hours per day of video watched online, how will you tap into the power and reach of YouTube to effectively grow your business?

In this episode, we will talk about ways to grow your business and channel. We also unpack what to and what not to do when growing your own YouTube channel. Tom shares his story on how he came to be the brains behind the growth of YouTube channels for popular TV shows such as Dr Who, Top Gear, The Office and more.

In this episode we cover:

  • Tom’s journey and what led him to work in the world of YouTube.
  • The changes and shifts in the YouTube platform over the years.
  • How does watch time affect the growth of a YouTube channel?
  • Tactical advice on growing and supercharging your YouTube channel.
  • Specific ways to encourage people to watch more of your content.
  • Suggestion for end cards for a series of videos.
  • The importance of engagement, views and watch time on the first days of releasing videos and what does this do for the video.
  • Main things that people do or don’t do for their channels.
  • Tools for starting keyword research.
  • How to create strong video relationships on YouTube.
  • Tips for creating title metadata.
  • The importance of captions, transcriptions and subtitles.
  • Google search results tapping into YouTube transcripts.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of being a part or not being a part of the YouTube Partner Program.

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