EWS Ep #46:  Getting Your Voice Heard Online with Story


My guest today is passionate about empowering purpose-driven women leaders and change-makers to help them tell their story for greater exposure and impact.

She’s worked across a wide of range of traditional media and PR publications and organisations over her career and has now found her voice by working with women, in particular, who she believes are still under-represented as media sources and she has made it her mission to change this status-quo.

She is Nadine McGrath.


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In this episode:

  • Nadine tells us what led her to her passion for storytelling and media/PR
  • What Story means to Nadine
  • Where she feels that business owners and leaders struggle when it comes to communicating their stories
  • How people in business can develop and use stories to get their voice heard above all the noise
  • Knowing what stories to tell and what people will actually care about 
  • Nadine shares her top 3 tips that can be actioned right now to help them start to get their voice heard online.


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