Hottest episode of 2018: Content Marketing – Now and Next with Chris Marr from the Content Marketing Academy

In this episode, the final episode of 2018 I’m bringing back one of the most popular interviews since the start of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast.

Chris Marr is the founder of the Content Marketing Academy in the UK and is a leading voice in the world of Content Marketing and Video Marketing.

In this replay episode (first published in Episode 52), we chat all about what’s working now and what’s next in the world of content marketing for business and dive deep into the role that video should be playing in a content marketing strategy.


In this episode

  • What led Chris to content marketing
  • The definition of content marketing
  • What makes for good content marketing
  • How content lead to sales
  • What’s changed in content marketing over the last year
  • Where Chris sees most businesses struggling
  • Return on investment
  • What Chris thinks is next in content marketing.


Links mentioned in the show

The Online Video Strategy Blueprint Course (launching January 2019)

Content Marketing Academy

CMA Live

Chris on Twitter


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