In Episode 91 of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, Gideon Shalwick, the founder of Splasheo joins me as we explore one of the best ways to capture and hold the attention of your audience in your video content amidst the noise in the different social media platforms.

More and more people are viewing video content without the sound enabled and this is where Splasheo comes in to help get attention to your videos. Splasheo is a video production service that creates captions for your videos to help build engaged audiences.

In this episode we cover:

  • Gideon’s story of what led him to the world of video marketing.
  • A backgrounder on Splasheo.
  • Common incorrect ways people are doing when they upload video and how to correct these.
  • Engaging with different kinds of people on social media platforms.
  • Problems with using native subtitle options on your videos posted on social media platforms.
  • The benefits of using a good opening hook and headlines on video.
  • 2 important things you want to achieve from your social media videos.
  • How captions can help in transferring your message to your audience.
  • The benefits of Splasheo’s style in putting burnt-in captions in the video.
  • Tips for planning out captions for video.
  • The barriers of doing video and how to overcome them.
  • Gideon brings us through the process of using Splasheo.
  • Final tips from Gideon on making videos.

Links mentioned in the show

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