Doug Darling, Executive Director and Founder of Tripwire Media Group – a video and animation company, joins us in this episode as we talk about the importance of educating and helping clients grow their business by creating effective and impactive videos with the end in mind, not just shooting great video.

Doug is a Video Producer & Strategist from Winnipeg Canada. And in 2019, he’s making a deliberate and important shift to ensure the work they do is getting results. He gives his clients a better understanding of how video works through the science of storytelling and strategy behind the video – an important paradigm shift for video creatives.

Doug was one of the members of my online video strategy blueprint program.

In this episode we cover:

  • Doug’s story and what led him to where he is today.
  • A background on his business services, the type of clients he serves, and what clients are coming to him for.
  • The key shifts and changes he has seen in the work they are doing.
  • The role of science and biology behind video storytelling in a marketing strategy.
  • The changes in the way they talk to their clients and how their clients think about the use of and the reason behind video.
  • Asking important questions to know the goal of the video and why reaching audience in an emotional way is critical in video storytelling.
  • Educating clients and leading them with strategy to reach the client’s goal.
  • Their business process for giving strategy advice and the delivery of video strategy as one of their services.
  • Distinction between the role of a good cinematographer / video producer versus the role of a video strategist.
  • What to expect for The future of Triplewire.

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