EWS Ep #35:  How Effective Leaders Use Story

Today’s guest is a storyteller, a business leader, a professional speaker and a coach and consultant working to develop leaders and help people speak and present with impact. She is Robyn Pulman.

Robyn’s garnered over 25 years of experience in senior regional marketing positions working throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa, and now through her brand Creating Winning Habits, she works with others in ‘finding their voice’ with a focus on leadership, communication and personal mastery.

She’s the author of two books ‘Outback Wisdom from a City Slicker’ and ‘Habits Aren’t Just for Nuns’ and she’s here with me today to share her wisdom on storytelling for effective leadership and communication.


[ctt title=”People identify with, and remember stories because they connect with them emotionally” @RobynPulman” tweet=”People identify with, and remember stories because they connect with them emotionally” @RobynPulman https://engagevideomarketing.com/episode35″ coverup=”jb5cC”]

In this episode:

  • How your story, no matter how inconsequential, can make an impact
  • How to motivate and inspire bored executives to pay attention
  • Some expert tips for storytelling from the stage
  • The importance of storytelling with purpose
  • And what the native American Indians can teach us about the importance of listening


Links mentioned in the show:

Creating Winning Habits

Outback Wisdom from a City Slicker

Habits Aren’t Just for Nuns



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