If you’re a creative business owner like me you probably struggle with, tune out and drift away when people start talking about completely rational things like systems, standard operating procedures, processes.

It’s for exactly this reason that I wanted to bring Den Lennie from Filmmakers Business Academy on the show today… Quite simply, to grow our businesses sustainably we need to develop systems… and Den is a filmmaker turned business coach who has done just that.

What is covered in this episode:

  • Den’s Story and what led him into the coaching he does now with video business owners
  • Why creating systems and procedures in business is something that creatives tend to struggle with
  • The difference that having Systems and Procedures in a business can make
  • How to understand the value of your time as a creative business owner, and why outsourcing low value tasks just makes sense
  • Den shares a number of his favourite tools for building systems and efficiencies in business such as SystemHUB, Draw.io and Loom for video screen recording.

Links mentioned in the show

Den’s Filmmakers Business Academy

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