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My guest today is one of our community of video strategists within the Online Video Strategy Blueprint and what really stands out for me with Bill is that he comes to his business with what I believe is the right mindset. A focus on helping others in business do better through video, leading first with the value that he can share with his clients, well before asking for anything in return.

It’s a philosophy of business that I wholeheartedly believe in, and so I’m stoked to bring his story to you today.

Bill Baraona is the founder and video production guru at Flex Media a video marketing company based in Cleveland, Ohio and has over a decade of video production experience. This allows him to combine a variety of production styles with today’s new technology to deliver clients top-of-the line video content. When he’s not watching YouTube tutorials, listening to marketing podcasts or playing with his camera.

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Bill and what he does.
  • Why video is such an important tool to use in marketing today.
  • Where most businesses struggle with video (strategy).
  • What has shifted for him in the way he delivers work for his clients.
  • How the language he uses when communicating with clients through the process impacts on the way the client perceives him as a provider.
  • How he guides his clients through the process.
  • What he feels is the value in working with a video producer who also considers themselves a video strategist.
  • Why he decided to join the Online Video Strategy Blueprint Course.
  • What his experience was like through the program.
  • What has changed in the way he approaches clients as a result.

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