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In this episode of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast we’ll be exploring the idea of having a lead generation machine working for your business. A system for your marketing and sales and building a sustainable business with the right clients coming to you.

My guest today is Tim Jarvis from UK based Film & Content.

Tim has 15 years of experience working within the world of video marketing – both on the production and marketing side of the industry.

Back in 2010, after heading-up the digital marketing for a professional sports club in the UK, Tim decided the time was right to start his own business.

From his grandmother’s spare bedroom, he started a video production company that – in the space of 7 years – grew to employing 35 full time members of staff and working with many of the world’s leading brands including Estee Lauder, Honda, the International Olympic Committee, many Sporting Governing Bodies, several of the UK’s Government Departments and hundreds of other blue chips.

Today, Tim consults with and implements video marketing strategies for some of the world’s biggest companies ranging from Premier League Football (Soccer) Clubs, to one of the Big 4 Accountancy Firms, to the world’s leading energy provider.

But his passion for sales and marketing – and experience within the production world – has allowed him to build RETAIN™, where he teaches video production professionals around the world to develop and execute simple, but powerful, sales and marketing strategies that attract highly profitable contracts and, most importantly, converts them on to long-term contracts, or retainers.

Tim has seen too many talented production professionals struggle with the project-by-project business model that plagues the video industry.

His work within RETAIN, his courses and his free training is all centred around his goal of relieving stress from the world of video production professionals.

Stress that he has felt first-hand and seen so many within the industry face on a daily basis.  But stress that can so easily be avoided.

Outside of work, Tim is married to his wonderful wife, Zoe, and has three children; Corey, Orlaith and Lacey.  They live on the south coast of the UK in Brighton & Hove.  He loves his sport – particularly Cricket, Football (Soccer) and Golf.

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Tim, his story and what he does.
  • His journey to employing 35 staff, key learnings and challenges.
  • How business owners can balance working IN the business, and ON the business.
  • A walkthrough on Tim’s Lead Generation framework.
  • How does the ‘buyers journey’ fit in to this concept.
  • What Tim is offering in his upcoming trainings and how you can get involved –

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