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In this episode of the Engage Video Marketing podcast, I’ve invited video editor and video repurposing expert Daniel Patrick Norton on the show to discuss more about how to maximise the reach, exposure and potential ROI of your video content through effective repurposing.

Dan Norton helps Entrepreneurs save time and reach more people by repurposing their live stream videos into bite-sized clips for social media.

Over the last decade, he’s worked in the live stream sports broadcast industry for Major League Baseball and The Walt Disney Company. His focus now is on fulfilling his desire to help fellow video editors and creators make income with their skills and land more clients. and he’s started a group coaching program to do just that for others.

In this episode we explore;

  • More about Dan’s story, what led him into the world of video and what he does today.
  • The problem with putting all your time and effort into creating a video only to let it sit on one channel alone.
  • What does Dan refer to as repurposing?
  • Why repurpose, not just repost your video ‘as-is’ on another channel?
  • What are the key things to consider when either working with an editor to repurpose or doing it yourself?
  • How are the requirements different for each platform?
  • What do people often get wrong?
  • … and more (guide to repurposing video)

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