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So, how’s your video creation journey going? Is there anything holding you back? What roadblocks are you putting up for yourself? Often, it’s the mindset behind confidence on camera that holds so many people back. 

In this episode of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, we’re going to be diving deep into how you can show up more confidently on camera and grow your business

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Holly G and what she does.
  • What was going through your head the first time in front of the camera. 
  • Why she feels it’s important for business leaders to show up on camera.
  • What holds most people back.
  • Is there more to being confident on camera than the ‘just do it’ advice?
  • Her advice to someone who has done a video but doesn’t want anyone to see it.
  • Examples of people she has worked with, where were they at the start and where did she help them get to.
  • Where can people find out more and dive deeper with her to overcome their fears of showing up on camera.

Links mentioned in the show:

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