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EWS Ep #3: How to use Story to Design your Brand with Philip VanDusen

The real power of story happens well before we’ve even realised.  It’s the gut feeling, our subconscious brain firing as a response to emotional stimulus felt as we experience a story.

As humans our ability to react instantly based on sensory triggers is instinctual. It’s what keeps us alive in our decision to fight or flight. A good story, when told well, triggers these instinctual feelings in those milliseconds before we’ve rationalised our emotions via cognitive thought.

In business and marketing, those emotional triggers can, and should be understood, controlled and designed in order to more effectively and quickly engage with our ideal target market and move them to take action.

This is the importance of branding. When done right – it can fire all the right emotional triggers and audiences are on board, they turn on – but when done poorly can equally result in a negative emotional trigger. People are turned off, they experience unsurety or a lack of trust. Often all of these gut decisions, either negative or positive, happen within milliseconds of engaging with a brand.  You’ve either won or lost based on the strength of your brand design and the story that’s being told.

Welcome to episode 3 of Engage With Story… Today’s guest is all about Brand Design.  He has over 20 years of experience in strategic branding, graphic design and product development. He’s held the position of Vice President, Head of Design for Global Snacks at PepsiCo where he was responsible for the identification, creation, management, and execution of comprehensive brand design strategies that had a major impact on the growth of multi-billion dollars brands. He’s worked across an impressive list of major brands and is now the principal of Verhaal Brand Design a strategic design & brand consultancy based out of New York. He is Philip VanDusen and it’s an absolute pleasure to have him on the show today.

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In this episode;

  • we explore the importance of a consistent story across your brand touch points
  • we unpack some examples of global brands who really are leading the way with designing their brand story
  • we have a bit of a chin wag about the future of brand experiences with cool stuff like VR, and heaps more

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