EWS Ep #7: How to Use Story to Grow Your Influence Online

The really interesting thing about storytelling on online story platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat lies in the real and authentic human connection that these platforms thrive on. The challenge though in business is to learn how to embrace the art of storytelling in a natural and authentic way to make these stories a part of our daily brand outreach and in doing so build real influence online and in your target market.

Today I’m chatting to Daniel Knowlton from KPS Digital Marketing. Daniel was named number 12 most influential digital marketer on Twitter in the world in 2016. He’s a contributing writer for the Social Media Examiner, Content Marketing Institute and other prestigious online publications. If you follow Daniel on Instagram and Snapchat, you’ll see instantly that he lives and breathes the things we talk about.

Daniel studied a business management degree and went into the corporate world. But decided that this wasn’t the life for him, so quit his job and went travelling in Thailand. Whilst he was there, he began to read and learn all about digital marketing. He then applied these learnings to his own personal brand and realised that he could start a business and show other businesses how to successfully implement these strategies.

[ctt title=”Storytelling is the current style of marketing and it’s so powerful because of the emotion @dknowlton1″ tweet=”Storytelling is the current style of marketing and it’s so powerful because of the emotion @dknowlton1 https://ctt.ec/EGD0e+” coverup=”EGD0e”]

In this episode:

  • Tactics to build influence around your story online
  • Being strategic about building a personal brand brings in more business
  • The power of storytelling to fast-track connection with your audience
  • Be naturally authentic with your every day online storytelling
  • The importance of perception when it comes to story platforms on social media
  • How to take your Instagram and Snapchat stories to a whole new strategic level.


Links for this episode:

KPS Digital Marketing website





Where Dan was named #12 in the world… 🙂