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In this episode of the Engage Video Marketing podcast, we’ll talk about the importance and leverage of having a consistent video strategy as Rob Balasabas takes me through his journey on growing his YouTube channel and the opportunities that opened up for him along the way.

Rob Balasabas is the Brand Evangelist at, and speaks at various conferences, summits, podcasts and live stream interviews.

He creates a lot of content on his own channels, primarily on LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Rob shares a lot of video marketing & creation strategies, live-streaming tips, as well as tools & software reviews. Basically, videos to help you, the content creator.

When he’s not working, Rob is a husband and a dad. He loves to travel, drink coffee, and explore new places with his family.

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Rob Balasabas and what he does
  • When he started with video and YouTube.
  • How video strategy has led to opportunities.
  • Why videos work so well in building relationships and connection.
  • Advice for people who are considering video content for their own personal brand to help them get started.
  • How to stay consistent.
  • The key struggles he experienced when it comes to getting started and growing a YouTube channel.
  • What is TubeBuddy and the advantage it offers to its users.

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