How video marketing led to massive growth of this Physio Practice


My guest today has grown his bricks and mortar Physiotherapy practice from 1 location to now 5 thriving locations in his local area, and one of the key drivers of this success he attributes to video marketing. Jack O’Brien is the owner of Terrace Physio Plus based throughout the Newcastle area in NSW, Australia. He’s been known as the bearded physio (which if you jump on his website you’ll quickly understand for yourself!) and it’s thanks to his consistent and strategic implementation of video content that is designed first and foremost to be ‘helpful’ content for his audience – that has catapulted his business over the last few years.

Jack also now works with other health practice owners to help them grow their businesses through his latest work coaching under the name Clinic Mastery.

In this episode

  • Jack’s story, growing and expanding the practice
  • Understand about where bricks and mortar practices are struggling when it comes to engaging audiences online
  • The role content marketing and video has played in his business
  • Jack’s workflow and approach to producing and repurposing video for his business
  • What content marketing and video has led to in actual business growth
  • Some of Jack’s practical and actionable advice to inspire others in physical bricks and mortar or local business.


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Terrace Phyio Plus

Clinic Mastery

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