In Episode 87 of the Engage Video Marketing Podcast, we interview Chris Strub, a travelling mobile storyteller with a passion for working with non-profit organizations. He is known as the Giving Day Guy who drives measurable increases in online donations for non-profits by hosting and producing live video content. I met Chris in Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and when I heard about his story I just knew I had to bring him to chat.

He shares with us how he helps raise millions of dollars for hundreds of charities through live streaming video. We also unpack what makes these events so impactful in moving people to take action and what you can do in your own business or non-profit to grow your own reach and impact. We will also learn more about his equipment and the tools he uses for his live streaming started and the gear you’ll need to get you started.

In this episode we cover:

  • What led him to what he’s doing today in the world of live video in the non-profit space.
  • Where are non-profit organizations struggling in getting their message heard?
  • The opportunities on digital marketing that non-profits don’t utilize
  • Giving Days – what are they, how do they work.
  • How Facebook live helps increase awareness for non-profits.
  • Chris’ advice in capitalizing the reach your business / non-profit can potentially have through digital marketing and raise awareness about what you are doing.
  • Tapping into the tools that you have to celebrate the giver and make them feel like they’re winning.
  • Using video not only raise awareness of the need to give but to move people to actually give.
  • The idea of positioning donors as heroes and how it can help.
  • Chris’ advice to non-profits who are struggling to position donors as heroes instead of themselves.
  • His set up, the equipment he uses and what you can use to get started.
  • His experience with LinkedIn Live and where is it going.

Links mentioned in the show

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