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In this episode of the Engage Video Marketing podcast, we’ll dive deep into the untapped power for local businesses by making themselves more visible using video, and we’re not talking highly produced big budget stuff either. Just getting out there, using what you have, and connecting with your community on video.

Bruce Irving is a marketing strategist, speaker and founder of Irving Media Group LLC where he helps small local business owners develop and implement a marketing strategy to build a brand as well as increase sales.

Bruce is also the host of 2 successful podcasts the Smart Pizza Marketing Podcast and The Local Business Podcast. Before running his own business and hosting these podcasts Bruce ran a multi-million dollar local business for over 20 years.

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Bruce Irving, what he does, and his story.
  • The biggest struggle for small, local businesses when it comes to digital marketing.
  • The opportunity for small businesses with digital marketing.
  • Where local businesses should focus on and what they should do first.
  • How local businesses can leverage video at the present time.
  • The fears holding back small businesses (being on camera, or investing with poor ROI, or not having the time).
  • The difference between marketing and advertising.
  • What a good video strategy for a local business should look like.
  • Case studies and  examples of what a local business has done to grow using smart digital tactics.
  • The role of Tik Tok for local business marketing.

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