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In this episode of the podcast, I am welcoming back Doug Darling who was one of the very first students of the Online Video Strategy Blueprint program a couple of years ago. Together we’ll be exploring the shift that video production companies are feeling in our industry and how Doug has been showing up for his clients through the strange 2020 we’ve all experienced so far. He shares why just making great video is not enough, and why strategy is such an important pillar to focus on.

You’d never know that, as a young adult, Doug thought he lacked passion. He thought that maybe he was lazy, or that he didn’t have what it takes, and considered his apathy inherent. It wasn’t until college – where he was originally planning to pursue PR – that he fell in love with video while shooting and editing a video montage project. He discovered that video was the culmination of all art forms (video, sound, music, graphics, etc.), and was enamoured with it. He had found his purpose… and the rest is history.

After starting Tripwire, Doug realised that video wasn’t just a form of communication and art, but it could also be a tool to help people, make change, and reach people at an emotional level that he never knew. Through effective and creative storytelling, he now works hard to help his clients authentically connect with their audience.

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Doug Darling and what he does.
  • Why video is such an important tool to use in marketing today.
  • The shift in video production industry over the last few years.
  • How video companies needed to adapt both before pandemic and now after.
  • The value in working with a video producer who also considers themselves a video strategist.
  • How Tripwire worked to shift the perception of their value for their clients.
  • How Tripwire will serve clients into the future.
  • The reason Doug joined the Online Video Strategy Blueprint Course.
  • His experience throughout the OVSB program.
  • The changes he made in approaching clients as a result.
  • His message to video producers who were considering skilling as a video strategist.

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