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In this episode of the Engage Video Marketing podcast, I am joined by Todd Hartley of WireBuzz and together we dived deep into the critical role of video in remote selling with the current post-pandemic new normal. 

Todd Hartley is the founder and CEO of WireBuzz, a digital marketing agency that combines storytelling and award-winning creative to help businesses capture and convert attention into closed deals. Todd is a go-to digital advisor for Tony Robbins, Justin Timberlake, MD Anderson and Home Depot.

He also trains corporate sales teams and speaks around the world on topics such as: selling remotely in an access-restricted world, using video to replace face-to-face engagement, and how to create binge-worthy marketing experiences that hack your prospect’s attention and build momentum through the sale. In fact, he recently did a remote sales training for Tony Robbins’ internals sales and marketing team and has been asked back to do a webinar for Tony’s entire audience!

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Todd Hartley, what he does, and what is keeping him busy these days.
  • The impact that the current pandemic has had on sales teams.
  • The solution to traditional methods of communicating that people were used to in sales.
  • The internal resistance on the ways of selling in the new normal. 
  • A walkthrough example of step by step remote selling.
  • 5 steps of the customer journey
  • How people or businesses can make use and take advantage of personalised videos.
  • The video platform that Todd uses and recommends for 1:1 video messaging.

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