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What if you are creating long-form content and there was an easy mindset shift that you could have to help you dominate in short-form as well that’s Reels, Tiktok, and YouTube Shorts?

In this episode, I invited Latasha James, an expert on short-form videos to share her insights on short-form video strategy.

Latasha James is the Founder and Creative Director of James + Park, a social-first video marketing firm serving startups and tech clients across the globe, as well as The Online Business Launch Lab, an education platform for freelancers and creative entrepreneurs. Through her courses, YouTube, and podcast content, Latasha has encouraged thousands of people to start and scale online businesses.

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Latasha and what she does.
  • When she started seeing the power of short-form videos.
  • Her thoughts on content creators who prefer long-form videos and think short-form videos are only for younger crowds.
  • The differences she sees between content designed for long-form videos versus short-form platforms.
  • How she approaches the production of long-form videos with the view of repurposing the content into short form video.
  • Her strategic goal from repurposed content across various platforms.

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