EWS Ep #24: Startups and Story Marketing

In today’s episode,  we’re talking Startups and Storytelling with the awesome Jess Thoms from White Lane Creative.

Jess helps brands to articulate their purpose, ideate creativity, and curate community. She works to bring start-up and early stage businesses to life through developing brand strategy, content marketing, and community management.

This is a really actionable and valuable episode guys so get your notepads or Evernote apps ready.

[ctt title=”Startups need to be able to tell their story in 1 sentence through to a 1 hour discussion @jessthoms ” tweet=”Startups need to be able to tell their story in 1 sentence through to a 1 hour discussion @jessthoms https://engagevideomarketing.com/episode24″ coverup=”d0z9x”]


In this episode

  • What’s been happening over the last month or so on LinkedIn
  • The importance of storytelling consistently and strategically for startups
  • How a brand’s personality can be defined and highlighted through the stories you tell and how they are told
  • The biggest mistakes that so many businesses make in their brand communications
  • Having an internal strategy and document of brand persona for all staff to access
  • Top 3 tips for better brand marketing


Links in this Episode

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Xandra – Conversation Design Studio

Jess on LinkedIn

Frank Body

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