EWS Ep #28:  Storytelling and Social Media: Do’s and Don’ts

In today’s episode, I speak to the man who, with the help of a viral campaign, a kickstarter project and hundreds of random strangers, destroyed his Jeep. Yes he smashed it with hammers, ripped doors off with crowbars, shot it with metal tipped arrows and ripped the roof off with an excavator.

He is Ashton Wood from IC3 Solutions.

Ashton knows the power of social media first hand, and now runs a successful social media marketing company based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.


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In this episode:

  • Why some stories go viral online, where others simply go unnoticed
  • The power of social media for small businesses
  • How telling the right stories in the right ways on these channels can really get your business noticed
  • Where storytelling fits within a social media marketing plan
  • 3 Do’s and Don’t when it comes to storytelling on social media for small businesses


Links mentioned in the show:

IC3 Solutions

IC3 Solutions on Facebook

Destroy My Jeep


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