EWS Ep #33:  Taking the BS out of Business Storytelling

This episode is all about clearing out the BS that can so often surround story marketing. My guest is  is a marketing consultant and educator who helps people keep their marketing simple in a world where business BS and complexity threaten to stifle success. He is Roger Edwards, from rogeredwards.co.uk.

He now uses corporate experience to guide his clients in designing engaging campaigns and is known as a prolific content creator, podcaster, and a speaker. He’s also the host of the popular Marketing and Finance Podcast.



[ctt title=”The end customer isn\’t as interested in the facts and figures – the story is what engages with them @Roger_Edwards” tweet=”The end customer isn’t as interested in the facts and figures – the story is what engages with them @Roger_Edwards https://engagevideomarketing.com/episode33″ coverup=”dz2VU”]

In this episode:

  • How Roger’s background in marketing and finance led him to becoming a keen content marketer
  • Some examples of stories used to engage customers
  • The importance of developing a strategy for your marketing communications and storytelling
  • The steps of development your strategy
  • How to deflect storytelling as a buzzword and get rid of the BS and marketing speak
  • How to work out what stories to tell in your business.


Links mentioned in the show:


Roger on Twitter

Marketing & Finance Podcast


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