EWS Ep #5:  The Art of Storytelling from the Stage

Truly engaging speakers, regardless of a person’s interest in the matter, are masters of storytelling.

Today’s guest is a master at the craft of storytelling from the stage, Simone de Haas, The Speakers Director. As an award-winning theatre director, producer, actor, speaker, coach, consultant and story-teller, Simone believes in changing the world, one conversation at a time.

Simone shares how a visit to New York in her early 20s where she saw the Broadway production “A Chorus Line” gave her clear insight into the type of work she wanted to do – to be able to express herself through her storytelling. Her career has always been a blend of working in the corporate world and her love and life of theatre. Everything that she picked up acting, singing, dancing and directing through theatre she was then able to translate into her corporate career.

About 10 years ago, Simone started her own business as a “theatre-preneur” by bringing all of those elements of her theatrical experience, into the business world where she now works as a coach and professional speaker helping people with storytelling, stage craft and presentation skills.

We talk about the importance of storytelling in business. With the online environment the way it is with a plethora of information just a click away, it so easy to lose the personal connection. When we search online for things and learn online, some of the relevance is lost without that personal connection. Having the power of the personal story embedded into business is vital now as we move into the connection economy.

It doesn’t matter how uninteresting we think our lives are, we all have stories. Take note of them because the more you have the better.

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In this episode:

  • The importance of understanding your audience first and standing in their shoes
  • Gathering of stories
  • Types of story
  • Framing a story – 5 W’s
  • Freytag’s pyramid story structure


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