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The role for video in modern business today in 2021 has never been more important. It’s no longer just about top of funnel video campaigns, advertising, and marketing with video, rather… video has become integrated into so much of the way we do business today. The way we communicate with prospects, educate our industry, and build relationships with our clients.

Join me in today’s episode as we explore the evolution of video in modern business today with Tyler Lessard.

Tyler is VP Marketing at Vidyard where he helps sales and marketing teams embrace on-demand, one-to-one, and interactive video as a new way to connect with buyers. He’s the co-author of the new book The Visual Sale, host of the Creating Connections show, and has been recognized by Demand Gen Report as one of the top Customer-Centric Marketers in B2B. Most importantly, he’s the father of four wonderful children who inspire and teach him every day.

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Tyler and what he does.
  • The ‘state of play’ with video in business today.
  • Is video a marketing tool, or a sales tool?
  • The role he sees in video playing across the entire customer journey.
  • The area where he feels video is most underutilised or least understood in business.
  • The use of video in the advocacy and loyalty phase.
  • What’s next for video in the next 5 years for business.

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