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In this episode of the podcast, I’m bringing in Ed Lawrence, founder of Business Film Booth. Ed believes that there is real value found in producing (with good planning and high production value) one video, destined for one person. 

Ed Lawrence is a video marketer who’s produced over 10,000 videos for business in the UK by trade. 

He sets a goal in Jan 2019 to release 3 videos a week to his YouTube channel to teach people how to write, produce, present, promote and edit videos so he can help more people take advantage of video. 

Ed also writes about video marketing for Social Media Examiner, presents and produces videos and courses for The Influencer Marketing hub, manages his girlfriends online business and owns a small animation business that helps YouTubers get more likes, subscribers, comments and link clicks with call to action animations. 

He has another YouTube channel that documents the journey of this business showing people how to outsource, plan, create branding, marketing, work with affiliates and more. 

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Ed and what he does.
  • His opinion on how video is perceived in 2020.
  • Ed’s pitch in doing a 1:1 video with me and why.
  • The effectiveness of 1:1 video.
  • How people should use this approach and its scalability.
  • The structure he follows when implementing a 1:1 video.
  • Further video tips.
  • His recommended platforms.
  • The future of 1:1 video.

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