EWS Ep #13: The Story Cycle Process & Business of Story

In today’s episode, I want to lift the blindfold for you as we explore how developing, refining and owning your story will bring clarity to your brands adventure.

My guest today has been in advertising for 30 years, and has been seriously focused on story marketing for the past 10 or so years. Park Howell is the founder of the Business of Story, and through his 10-step Story Cycle system he helps business leaders and communicators achieve epic growth for their enterprise and their people.

The Story Cycle is distilled from the timeless narrative structure of the ancients, inspired by the story artists of Hollywood, influenced by masters of persuasion, guided by trend-seers, and informed by how the mind grapples for meaning.


[ctt title=”Brands no longer own the influence of mass media, because now the masses are the media @parkhowell” tweet=”Brands no longer own the influence of mass media, because now the masses are the media @parkhowell https://ctt.ec/811Qd+” coverup=”811Qd”]

In this episode

  • Park coaches me and my personal brand Engage Video Marketing through his story cycle process
  • You’ll see the real value in business storytelling
  • 10 steps to uncover your brand story
  • Claim your #1 position in the market: What do you do better than anyone else?
  • Unveil your unique value proposition to make your offering relevant and urgent
  • Map your audience journeys so you know what story to tell them when and where
  • Declare your brand purpose: how you empower all of your audiences

Links in this Episode

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