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In this episode of the podcast, I’m bringing back Justin Brown of Primal Video. Together, we’ll dive deep into the key things for a successful YouTube channel

Justin is the Co-Founder of Primal Video, and along with his Brother Mike, they teach entrepreneurs and business owners how to leverage the power of online video to build and scale their businesses.

Justin has spent more than 20 years in video production and has worked on everything from Netflix-featured documentaries, to extreme sports projects, so there’s not much in the world of video creation that he can’t help you with.

Over the past six years, Justin and Mike have focused their energy on building Primal Video to be a business that they could be proud of and would give them the freedom to do more of what they love.

They have a big focus on systems, processes and automation which allows them to work smarter, not harder. This focus has helped them turn Primal Video into a multi six-figure automation-driven business, and they now help others implement the same approach through theirPrimal Video Accelerator program.

They’re big believers in creating diversified, recurring income streams within their business. They’re specialists in affiliate and email marketing, developing and running educational courses and membership programs as well as being YouTube content creators and strategists.

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Justin and Primal Video.
  • As a video creator and business owner what are the changes that he’s undergone considering he now has over 700k subscribers.
  • 3 key things to consider to ensure success in YouTube.
  • How to get your videos to show up in search engines.
  • The importance of tags and description for the YouTube algorithm.
  • The importance of video thumbnails for getting clicks.
  • How important is face and text to be visible on a thumbnail.
  • How to keep people engaged in a video.
  • Importance of call to action at the end of the video.
  • Importance of graphics to get the attention of viewers.

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