EWS Ep #21: Using Story to Attract Your Tribe

My guest today is someone who exudes energy and authenticity. She’s had a rich history in the corporate sector owning and running a national media training & recruitment agency, along with a wide ranging career across the sales and training services sector. She’s a CEO, a workshop facilitator, a storyteller and at times… a comedian.

Ultimately, she’s passionate about helping people to thrive in their business and career, to play a more successful and enjoyable game by humanising the way we communicate and do business.

She is Sue Parker – Founder of Dare Group Australia.


In this episode

  • How comedy and storytelling really are powerful tools to use in business and life
  • We talk about the importance of relevance to really connect
  • The walls are broken down as we explore how being vulnerable and telling stories that are maybe a bit hard to tell, is so incredibly powerful
  • How the simple act of ‘asking questions’ can help us be better storytellers in business and in life.

Links in this Episode

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