Zach Jordann an award-winning producer and storyteller joins us in this episode to talk about his passion project – My Alzheimer’s Story. The mission of this project is to raise awareness and provide support to those affected by Alzheimer’s through video and story. They aim to collect 10,000 stories to create the world’s largest collection of video stories on Alzheimer’s.

Zach, who is an Executive Producer at Joe Digital and the Co-Founder of the My Alzheimer’s Story Project, has an impressive background on creating and developing video content experiences and has worked with prominent brands and platforms such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Hasbro, Microsoft, Vevo, and WebMD to name a few.

In this episode we cover:

  • Zach’s story about his journey into the world of video and his current involvement with the My Alzheimer’s Story Project.
  • The story of how they started their documentary, the experiences they had and how they released the video.
  • The successes and challenges of video in achieving the goal of raising awareness for something like Alzheimer’s.
  • Their strategies in the distribution of and the engagement on videos.
  • Their project’s contribution and value to the scientific community.
  • Their goal of providing a large data set of video stories for research and scientific purposes.
  • Taking passion projects and creating viable opportunities for funding and support.
  • The story and goals of the My Alzheimer’s Roadtrip Initiative.
  • Their production logistics for the My Alzheimer’s Roadrtrip.
  • Zach’s tips for individuals looking to use their skills in video and storytelling to raise awareness about an issue.
  • Their future plans for the project.

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