In this episode I talk to Paul Ramondo, digital marketing speaker, content creator, Facebook ads expert and founder of Remondo Media, and we explore everything about video in Facebook ads. Paul will walk us through how to set up an entire Facebook video ad funnel.

Remondo Media is a boutique digital shop that works with clients like Porsche, Red Bull, Choice Hotels and Australian Sports Nutrition. He also teaches entrepreneurs how to generate leads and sales using Facebook ads and Digital Marketing Funnels via his e-Learning company,

In this episode

  • How Paul started in digital marketing
  • What fires up Paul in his job
  • Where businesses are failing when using Facebook for their brands
  • The importance of testing content to see what works for you
  • How businesses are wasting money on Facebook ads
  • Pros and cons on using video in Facebook ads
  • The definition of funnels and a walkthrough of a Facebook video ad funnel example
  • How to create split tests for your videos, headline and copy
  • Step by step creation of an ad campaign on Facebook
  • How to customize thumbnail construction for video ads
  • Convert people from awareness to lead by creating a lead gen ad campaign
  • The importance of split testing in running ads
  • Difference of content vs lead ads
  • Retargeting and remarketing ads
  • Relevant scores and how to increase it
  • Tips for people considering running Facebook ads for the first time
  • Sneak Peek of Episode 62 with Brian Fanzo

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