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In this episode of the podcast, I am thrilled to bring on Ilana Wechsler of Green Arrow Digital. Together we’ll dive deep into getting paid traffic for video ads working for your business. 

Ilana Wechsler is the founder and director of Green Arrow Digital, the creator of the educational platform, Teach Traffic.

Ilana started her career as a Data Analyst and transitioned to becoming a full fledged PPC expert. She has worked at many of the global financial institutions, but switched when she finally gave in to her passion for PPC, IT, and entrepreneurship. She is truly passionate about working closely with her clients and helping them achieve their business goals by helping them grow their businesses online.

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Ilana Wechsler and her story.
  • Why Paid ads in 2020.
  • Why video ads specifically.
  • The common mistakes people do when it comes to video ads.
  • Why YouTube ads over FB/Instagram ads.
  • The structure of a good video ad.
  • The level of production required for a good video ad.
  • The difference between promoting or boosting an organic piece of content vs. repurposing for an ad or designing only for an ad.

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