In this episode I talk to Hope Horner, CEO of Lemonlight and a three-time entrepreneur that has been featured in Inc.’s Top 25 Entrepreneurs to watch in 2017, Entrepreneur’s 11 Marketing Experts that Could Changes Your Business, and Pepperdine’s 40 Under 40.

Lemonlight is an LA based business that produces and distributes branded video content at scale. In this episode, we explore how the business industry is changing as a result of brands and businesses changing requirements for more video – faster and at a larger scale.

In this episode

  • What led Hope into Lemonlight and the world of video marketing
  • Lemonlight – what they do, how and when they started
  • The biggest shift that online video has undergone in the last 5 years
  • Video as an effective medium and an important part of the digital marketing mix of businesses today
  • Challenges for businesses and how they can successfully cut through the noise
  • How video fits in the full funnel video strategy
  • Hope’s take on the delight stage of the strategy
  • The biggest mistakes businesses make in their strategies
  • The advantages of the ease of producing and multiple ways of distributing video content
  • Why commercials have been so effective through the years
  • How traditional agency models are changing today
  • Lemonlight working directly with businesses and agency partners
  • Hope’s tips on the first steps to start using video effectively in business
  • The role of video producers in creating strategic videos
  • The future for online video marketing and production quality element of video
  • Hope’s thoughts on how to start on video marketing
  • Sneak Peek on Episode 61 with Paul Remondo on Facebook Advertising

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