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Diving Deeper into Video Strategy

Hey there! It’s Ben from the Engage Video Marketing Podcast. Thanks for dropping by. Today, I wanted to unpack a bit of what I shared in the recent episode – the fine line between video production and video strategy, and why understanding your audience is such a game-changer.

Video Strategy vs. Video Production:

There’s a crucial distinction I’d like to highlight. Producing a video and strategically planning for one are two different things. It’s a bit like comparing the act of cooking to the thoughtful preparation that goes behind a meal. While both are essential, understanding this difference can shift your entire approach.

The Core Elements:

In the podcast, I touched on seven key elements of an effective video strategy. Today, I’m zoning in on perhaps the most vital one – knowing and understanding your audience.

Crafting Your Customer Avatar:

The term ‘Customer Avatar’ might sound fancy, but it’s a straightforward yet powerful concept. It’s about defining the profile of your ideal viewer or customer. The clearer you are on this, the more effective your content will be. And for those keen to dive deeper, I’ve got a comprehensive breakdown in my Video Strategist Masterclass.

Beyond Just Sales:

While the end goal might be conversions or sales, there’s a nuanced journey that customers undertake. It’s essential to be aware of this journey and tailor our content to resonate with them at various touchpoints.

Understanding Audience Behaviors:

Once we’ve established who our audience is, it’s equally important to understand where they hang out, how they interact online, and what catches their eye. Tools like keyword analysis and some social media insights can be super handy for this.

And for those looking to dive deeper into the world of video strategy, I’ve got a special offer. You can get a significant discount on the Video Strategist Masterclass with the code EVM100. It’s a comprehensive course I’ve poured a lot of insights into, and I think you’ll find great value in it.

Stick around because the journey has just begun. Over the next few episodes, we’ll delve into topics like content distribution, optimization, and more. I genuinely believe that with the right tools and insights, anyone can master video strategy. Let’s learn and grow together!

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