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Breaking Down Video Strategy Goals: The Heartbeat of Success

Hey there, it’s Ben Amos here, back for another deep dive in our Video Strategists Toolkit Series. Today, we’re rolling into the second big element – Goals. If you missed the intro to this series in episode 276, it might be worth giving it a listen, but for now, let’s press on!

Video Isn’t Just About… Video

It’s a funny thing to say, but video strategy isn’t just about the video. I mean, imagine buying a drill when you really wanted a hole in the wall. Actually, scratch that, you wanted to hang a sentimental picture on that wall. See the layers? Similarly, the role of video in growing businesses is to reach an outcome, a specific goal. Our challenge? Connect the dots for our clients.

Don’t Prescribe Without Diagnosing

There’s a saying I often think of – “Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.” And isn’t it the truth? Before suggesting any type of video, we need to understand our client’s needs. It’s like diagnosing the problem before prescribing the medicine. Make sure you’re solving the real problem.

Different Stages, Different Videos

Every business’s journey is unique. There’s the top funnel, where brand awareness reigns supreme. The middle is all about engagement, nurturing those relationships, and building trust. Then there’s the bottom – conversions. As video strategists, we should be identifying where the gaps are and what type of content fills them best.

For instance, do they need more brand awareness? Is it the relationship-building in the middle? Or is the focus on improving conversion rates? When we align these needs with our video goals, we’re paving a smoother road to success.

Full Funnel Video Strategy

All these stages come together in what I like to call a ‘full funnel video strategy’. I do go deeper into this in the Video Strategist Masterclass. But the essence? Understand the business needs, align them with the right video goals, and then execute them in a way that achieves those goals.

A Quick Note for You

For those diving deep into this series, remember there’s a special $100 off the Video Strategist Masterclass. Use the code EVM100 at

And don’t forget! Next up in this series is all about Content – diving into the nitty-gritty of what exactly we’re communicating in our videos. It’s one thing to know our audience and our goals, but how do we effectively talk to them?

Catch you in the next episode, where we’ll dissect that third element. It’s always fun exploring this world with you. Until next time, stay engaged!

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