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Most testimonials on websites suck. You know the type, a contrived block of text spouting uninspired pleasantries by some loosely identified customer. 

They may serve some purpose, sure, but often fail to engage hearts, provide real value to a viewer, and drive action.

So, what’s the secret to gathering, and communicating effective customer testimonials? Let’s find out in today’s episode.

In this episode we cover:

  • A short intro to Casey and Bonjoro.
  • Why most testimonials / reviews suck.
  • What makes for an effective testimonial.
  • Why video is more effective than text reviews.
  • Why video quality matters.
  • How businesses solicit quality reviews/testimonials without it seeming coerced or manufactured.
  • How Bonjoro’s new testimonials tool supports people to do this.
  • Where in the customer journey he recommends businesses request reviews.
  • How testimonials can be used once we have them.
  • How people can take a look at Bonjoro and try it for themselves.

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