In this episode I’m pleased to welcome Nick Nimmin to the show to explore more about YouTube Live and the opportunity right now for business.

Still a widely underutilised platform (perhaps overshadowed by Facebook Live), YouTube Live can become a significant tool for fast video publishing, audience building and channel engagement over the long term but despite this really must be used strategically in a marketing strategy and not simply as another platform to push out content on.

My guest to today Nick Nimmin helps content creators grow their brands and businesses using YouTube. On his personal channel, where he shares the tools, resources, and information video creators need to grow their presence online, Nick has grown his own YouTube subscriber base by over 420k subscribers, added 10’s of thousands of targeted readers to his email list, and turned his website into a growing resource for the video making community.

What is covered in this episode:

  • Nick Nimmin’s story and how he moved into the world of YouTube and YouTube Live
  • What the opportunity is right now for businesses considering YouTube Live
  • When to Use YouTube Live (and when not to!)
  • How to approach the technical aspect of planning for YouTube Live
  • Where YouTube Live fits into the wider live video ecosystem (and how to work out where it fits for your business)
  • What’s next for Live Video?

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Nick Nimmin’s Website

Nick’s YouTube Channel

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