Why it is important to take inspiration (and ideas) from others

 There’s a saying that goes along the lines of

“You can always tell who the pioneers are because they have arrows in their back and are lying face down in the dirt.”

When it comes to brainstorming ideas for your online video content – my advice… don’t be a pioneer! You don’t have to invent new, unheard of and amazingly creative concepts for your videos in order to engage with your community. Why not do some research in your industry and see what other people are writing or speaking about and learn from their successes (and failures). Take a look at others on YouTube. If they have a video blog that has been viewed thousands or hundreds of thousands of times then there is a fair chance that there is an audience out there interested in that topic. So take that topic, write about it yourself, and make that the focus of your next video.

A guy you may have heard of by the name of Anthony Robbins puts it another way,

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do”.

When it comes to building lasting, effective engagement online the most important thing to remember is consistency and currency. If you’re connecting with your community often, and with information that they will find valuable then you’ll be strides ahead of your competition and actively building authentic relationships.