Introducing the Accredited Video Strategist Program: The Exclusive Coaching & Accreditation Program For Developing Video Strategists

The Accredited Video Strategist Program is a unique, cohort-based, group coaching and accountability program which takes place live over 8 weeks.

This live coaching and small-group program will deepen the insights and frameworks gained within the Video Strategists Masterclass and equip you with the necessary practical skills and approaches to plan, execute and actually sell strategic video services in addition to production.

This program is designed to be jargon-free with no boring classroom-style learning and to help you confidently and creatively monetise video strategy services to your clients as a fully accredited video strategist. You’ll walk away with the same concepts, knowledge and framework that have generated over $1 million in revenue for my own video strategy agency.

Apply For The Accredited Video Strategist Program Now To Become Indispensable To Your Current Clients And Attract New Customers With Ease.

*30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
*Only takes 2 hours per week

What’s Included in the Accreditation Program?

The Concepts and Fundamentals to Develop Your Video Business Into a ‘Strategy First Production Company’

PLEASE NOTE: This Accreditation program is for video producers serious about becoming confident video marketing strategists. If you are not looking to dramatically differentiate your business, participate in a supportive, members-only community or believe that a great video is just about “looking good”, it may not be right for you.

The Accreditation program has been designed to teach you the fundamentals of video strategy, alongside lifetime access to the Video Strategists Masterclass. With key tasks submitted for assessment, review and feedback, you will walk away understanding how to apply the concepts of video strategy then actually sell video strategy services to your clients.

As a member of this exclusive 8-week program, you’ll receive coaching from a video strategy expert alongside live training workshops and online accountability tasks to lock-in your learning. In as little as 2 hours of commitment per week, you’ll learn how to deliver video strategy as a service confidently and deliver results for your clients.

Plus, you’ll unlock free LIFETIME access to the Video Strategists Masterclass (VSM) which includes the complete framework for designing and implementing effective video strategy.

You’ll get all of these incredible benefits…

Total Value: $7,061

Your price today: Just $1,897

Take advantage of our flexible payment plans to make sure you don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

*30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
*Only takes 2 hours per week

Here’s How You’ll Become an Accredited Video Strategist in Just 2 Hours per Week

*30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

BONUS: Join the Accreditation Program and Receive
FREE Lifetime Access to the Full Video Strategist Masterclass

As an accredited video strategist you’ll also receive lifetime access to the exclusive Video Strategist Masterclass designed to guide you through the concepts of a complete video strategy funnel whether you’re pitching or producing content. With zero fluff and an allergy to buzzwords, this includes 30+ lessons, 7 core modules, a bank of powerful templates, checklists, flowcharts and downloadable assets as the backbone of your new video strategy services.

Here’s how you’ll gain the confidence and clarity you need to set yourself apart from run-of-the-mill video producers.

Total Value: $1,345

Your price today: $0

*30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
*Only takes 2 hours per week

Each Live Training and Coaching Session Will Show You Exactly How to Build and Monetise a Strategy-First Video Production Company

Even if…
… You’re short on time because you’re working IN your business instead of ON your business (no need to put your business on hold).
… You’re not a natural salesman and struggle to “sell” yourself to potential clients (no need to apply “icky” sales tactics).
… You feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels and making no progress on your goals (no need to discount your services to compete).

You’ll have access to live 1:1 coaching, live training workshops AND a private, supportive community of video business owners through our AVS Community Hub.

By the end of this program you will have your first video strategy client or be well on your way to landing one.

That’s Why So Many People Use This Masterclass And Supportive Community To Achieve All Of Their Video Business Goals!

Darren Evans

A framework I can use when designing and applying a strategy. This is invaluable and many times 
better than whatever I’d come up with myself.


Joel Smith

Big thank you to Ben for your help in making this possible. While there’s still much more I have to get it fully implemented across our business, This is a GREAT first success.

Steve Bollschweiler

I’m now more confident as a video strategist. Having gone through the course and learnt it, the course is taught in such a structured way and each bit builds on the next bit, I think it works really well.

Join the Accredited Video Strategist Program and Enjoy the Confidence That Comes From Being A Strategy-First Production Company

Clients come to you not only for the quality of your work but for the results they know you’ll get so you can stress less about money and focus on running your business.

Clients accept your guidance and expertise from the start without frustrating pushbacks or questions so you can work seamlessly and swiftly to get the job done without frustration.

Clients recognise and choose your business not just for eye-catching creative but for powerful video marketing solutions so you enjoy higher project values and greater financial freedom.

Clients fully understand your vision and end goal, (instead of judging you on your equipment) so you enjoy repeatable, sustainable revenue streams from business owners who “get” you.

Try Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Enjoy 30 risk-free days to put my knowledge to the test

I’m confident you’ll love the Accredited Strategist Program. But, if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the value within the first 30 days (yep, risk-free for a month) I’ll refund 100% of your enrollment fees. No questions asked.

Nothing to lose. A profitable, fulfilling business to gain.

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Video Strategist Masterclass

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Limited numbers as this is a small group program only. Starting *** 2022

What You Do Next Will
Determine the Future of Your Business

Option #1

Keep struggling with ‘Imposter Syndrome’ when pitching to clients (if you manage to land on their radar at all). Keep injecting your passion, time and energy into video content that gathers dust on client’s websites or gets views without results. Keep losing clients to new video production companies with flashier showreels or the latest gear (I’m not far off there, am I?).


Option #2

Apply to the risk-free Video Strategist Masterclass tailored to video producers in your exact position and start delivering real results through your video content. Discover how to stand out, attract regular high-paying clients, and enjoy the financial freedom you’ve always wanted by delivering videos that drive ROI. Finally, enjoy the business and lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

The choice is yours…

Ready to Become an Accredited Video Strategist?

If you’re ready to think strategically about the content you create and become an accredited video strategist so you can differentiate your video business, deliver a greater impact, and make more money, now is your chance. Click the button below to join the Masterclass and Accreditation Program and take the first step becoming a confident video strategist.

*30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
*Only takes 2 hours per week