10 Tips for LinkedIn Native Video

Tip #1 – Know Your Audience It’s no surprise, right, because we just talked about it when it comes to strategic approach to video, you really need to know who it is that you’re trying to market to. You need to know your audience. You can’t just market on LinkedIn or create content for LinkedIn […]

How To Get Started With Personalised Video For Business (Feat. George B Thomas)

A day before the Social Media Marketing World 2020, I got a chance to grab an interview with George B Thomas of Impulse Creative. Together, we talked about the role of personalized videos when it comes to sales in business. Below is a transcription of our interview: Ben: All right guys. I’m here with George […]

Teleprompt Tips – How to Use an Autocue Like a Pro

I’m sure we’ve all seen examples of a teleprompt read badly…  but the truth is that for many video creators a teleprompt can be your best friend when it comes to producing content consistently, quickly and confidently. Teleprompters or Autocues – whatever you like to call them. They can take a bit of practice to […]

How to Hook Viewer Retention and Keep them Watching (5 Tips)

Do you have the attention span of a Goldfish?  Well… apparently you’re not alone. And when it comes to video you know you need to hook your audience’s attention quickly in order to get them watching and keep them watching. The Hook – the hook in your video is those critical opening seconds, in which […]

How to Increase Your Video Watch Time Using Open Loops

Back in the 1920s psychologist Kurt Lewin, noticed something that he thought a bit odd.  When attending his favourite restaurant and watching the waiters work. He began to see a pattern in which it seemed that when orders were unpaid, tabs still open, the waiter had a better ability to remember what the order consisted […]

Why you need to be Blogging Your Vlogs

So text is out and video is in. But don’t be too quick to send those scripts to your trash can. Check out the video above for a quick video strategy tip for you. And it’s all about why you can’t ignore text blogging when you’re shifting priority to video blogging or vlogging. You see, […]

How Asking the Right Questions in your Video Strategy will Lead to Sales.

We’re in business to sell stuff right? So, I guess it makes sense to focus much of our time and effort in our marketing on making the sale. But where do sales come from?   Easy. We make sales when we get opportunities.  Perhaps a warm referral from a past client presents an opportunity. A […]